Wednesday, May 17, 2017


 A friend's tea party.
 Claire in her Cinderella dress from Christmas

 Claire's Birthday cake

My kids photo shoot

Thank you Arlen! The toes are my favorite. I'm glad we captured Todd's long eyelashes and their sweet smiles and Julie bean shortly after she was born.

WA wedding and blessing

We made so many memories on our one week trip! I didn't get pictures of everything, partly because Michelle helped out (that's why there aren't any blessing day pictures). We love everyone that we got to see, and had others who couldn't be there in our thoughts. We experienced 4 airplane flights, many rides in the van, a baby blessing, a wedding, a reception, Claire's first time swimming in a pool, playing in the dirt, playing at a park, playing with cousins for hours, eating all different kinds of goodies, watching movies, Skyler and I got to go on a date, and we just loved being back in our home state! We will return Northwest, I promise!
Grandpa Quinn with Julie.
Making pretzels

Everyone wanted to take a turn holding Julie. She was amazing the whole trip!

Helping build the backdrop for the reception
I had to take a picture of the tractors for the kids to look at after we returned to OK
We had rhubarb pie made from this rhubarb plant that was delicious as always.
Cousins! I don't have a picture of it, but Claire, Akleigh and Elsie loved running around together.

I always love the view in Royal City, especially with the saddle mountains right there.

Behind the scenes of the reception set-up. It was a beautiful and one-of-a-kind reception

I was told that that white thing is an old washer

The kitchen crew were hopping the whole time. The young women with the cute aprons on brought in everyone's dirty dishes. One of them was sweet helping Todd with the bubbles that were put out for the children. Also note Elaine's awesome new kitchen!

Mini cakes
Yes, they used real china. I was in love with it.
And the chocolate pieces in the pudding were some deliciousness from Cosco. Can you tell I love sweets? And who doesn't love mini spoons?

Fresh flowers were used, including on the cake

Pulling a Michelle taking a picture of my food :)
Greg helping Claire with the juice bar. This part of the reception delighted Todd the most! He sampled the apple juice, then cranberry, lemonade and water. I think he decided that the lemonade was his favorite and kept returning for more.
The colorful goblets were so much fun! I felt like royalty drinking out of a dainty pink one.

The couple!!! It was nice to meet Nate and his family. They were easy to meet and talk with. Nate's family is from Idaho and they will be living in Utah.
What it typically looked like out the window on our drives. I think I'm getting used to all of the trees in Norman because I was more aware of how flat the farm land and sagebrush was!
We loved driving my parent's van around.
Traveling and family takes its toll on toddlers
Old barn! (Angela)
Me on the flight home. Mixed feelings, hence why I'm not smiling but also not entirely grumpy either.
PS Once we got home to OK we decided to be more outdoorsy and went on a nature walk. Claire spotted this fawn in the grass! We did some research and found that it was probably only a few days old. The mothers leave their babies on and off for about the first week of their life because the fawn doesn't have a scent yet and it's safer to have their fawn hiding in the grass than to have it following them around.