Saturday, November 4, 2017


We're behind on blog posts since I post the pictures as I go on Instagram. Here is a glimpse of what fall looks like over here. For some reason the Halloween pictures aren't showing up, so I'll look into that. For now, Happy Fall Y'all!

 Claire's Fall Class Party. We helped provide the craft.

 Kindergarten is the best!
 jack-o-lantern quesadillas

 Painting haunted houses

Friday, August 25, 2017

School is here!

 Sisters, sisters!
 On an early morning walk
 Perfect snack for watching Cinderella
 Our library has awesome librarians!

 We've enjoyed using our summer reading coupons
 Skyler has taken up practicing the piano and we've been enjoying it.
 Julie was very concerned that Todd was sitting on my other leg, and I don't think she knew that we were trying to take a group picture.
 All ready to go.
 Harry Potter Birthday party at the library! This was the potions/science booth.
 The kids and I wore paper ties colored to be the house colors. I think Claire's is Ravenclaw and Todd's is Gryffindor
 Todd was good at Quidditch
 The kids loved getting a wand and pointing it at this light to turn it magically on and off

 The sorting hat
 I sign said that Hagrid made the cupcakes. They were delicious!
 I won a drawing for the first four books, which I don't own, so that made me happy :)
 This is the way we walk to school.

 Sometimes Claire hangs out in the third room during nap time, but it looks like she fell asleep after playing. This is her "I just woke up from a nap" face

 I ordered some body jewels from Amazon to bump up our face painting fun.

 zucchini bread! We use grandma Hebdon's recipe. Skyler always loves it.

 Chalk at the park

 Todd was pretending that balls were shooting out his arm
 Skyler helped me divide and conquer at Crest one night with these sillies.

 With the world before them.

  Todd and Claire are like twins right now. They do everything together. Claire starting Kindergarten has been an emotional roller coaster for Todd and me. The house is a lot more quiet. Todd and I get a lot more one on one time, and he certainly gets a lot more words in. Claire absolutely loves school. She didn't cry at all the first day, and wants to attend full day. I think she's been anticipating going to school for a long time, and is so ready for it! We feel it's the right thing for her, so we're trying to embrace this new chapter.
 Sitting at the piano, improvising


 My piano students from this summer. This is the second recital I've ever done. It was a nice, intimate recital at Gilliam music store's free recital hall. Skyler and I played two duets and Claire and I played a duet: Arabian Dance from the Nutcracker. And yes, one of my students broke her right arm! She was a champ and learned her songs with the left hand only!

 practicing sitting up alone
 First day of Kindergarten!
 Todd stamping on Claire's first day away.
 Julie on Claire's first day

 My kids love watching the garbage man
 Brother and sister
 this is what I see when we kneel down to pray
 american solar eclipse! Norman, OK 1pm

 craft with my boy
 Claire's lunch box needed some personality
 waiting to get her last kindergarten shot
 my little baby girl